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Spring Facility Services Experts in maintenance at height

Why Choose Spring Facility Services

Spring Facility Services helps you maintain your professional image through our experienced team of maintenance experts.

At Spring Facility Services, we offer both ground and aerial teams, through our highly qualified abseiling technicians, who will clean, repair and restore your premises to the highest standards.



Safety is our top priority



Our solutions save you money



We ensure your property is safe & secure while we work on it


Spotless Results

We use the best technology to ensure a spotless clean

Spring Facility Services


Spring Facility Services

Abseiling and Rope Access Services

Our team of highly experienced, qualified abseiling technicians are available to carry out window cleaning

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Spring Facility Services

Traditional Window Cleaning

At Spring Facility Services, we use pure water, which has been purified by reverse osmosis and deionisation

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Gutter Cleaning, Inspection & Repair

Keeping gutters clean and free of debris is an important part of building maintenance

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Spring Facility Services

Reach & Wash Window Cleaning

For those hard to reach places, our professional, experienced team employ a reach and wash system

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Spring Facility Services
Spring Facility Services

MEWP & Platform Window Cleaning

Some projects may require the use of MEWPs or cherry pickers.

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Spring Facility Services

Pressure Washing

Our pressure washing service is available to provide a deep clean to many surfaces

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Window Restoration & Glass Polishing

There’s something so satisfying about looking through perfectly clean and polished windows on a clear day. 

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Spring Facility Services

Confined Space & Building Inspections & Repairs

In addition to our window, cladding, façade and gutter cleaning and restoration services

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Spring Facility Services

Facility Management Solutions

A facilities manager’s site is their castle. It is you and your team who ensure that when an important site visit happens, everyone is impressed with the impeccable standards presented from the grounds to the entryways and at every point throughout the property.

A lot of work goes on behind the scenes so that everything runs seamlessly. When you’ve done a great job, the effect is so subtle that some may not even notice it.

Unfortunately, however, when a problem arises everyone sees it.

Good facility management is run like a tight ship, but a weak link in your service team can spell trouble for you, your team and your reputation.

Spring Facility Services

Construction Solutions

Spring Facility Services

When you’re working on a new build or development project, timescales are of paramount importance. Delays add up significantly over the course of a build. Often, you need to finish on time, but compromising on quality isn’t in your rulebook.

At Spring Facility Services we get all this. We respect your schedules (actually, secretly, we love them!) – and we share your passion for uncompromising standards. Working with a company like Spring Facility Services can reduce the need for compromise. We work with project and site managers to deliver custom solutions that safeguard your project success – every time.

Exceed expectations and eliminate stress with Spring Facility Services.

Contact us to discuss your current requirements.

Our Clients

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